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  • He was airlifted to an area hospital where he died of his injuries five days later.
  • He completed the cross-country section, and was then airlifted to hospital.
  • He was airlifted at his request by the Spanish government for treatment in his native country.
  • He was airlifted to a Berlin hospital, but died later the following night.
  • It was the first time such an instrument was airlifted as a complete unit.
  • Morris said he was airlifted out before the special forces group entered the compound.
  • She was airlifted to hospital, where she was informed that there was little chance that she would ever walk again.
  • He was airlifted to hospital, but died of his injuries on the way.
  • After three weeks a group of military transport aircraft airlifted the midshipmen to the other training location.
  • He was airlifted to hospital and died on the operating table.
  • The plant was shut down, and all personnel on the island were airlifted out.
  • He was airlifted to an Athens hospital and a nine hour operation was required to save his arm.
  • Two other people in the car were alive and airlifted to nearby hospitals.
  • He was airlifted off the mountain and was then taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.
  • It was the next day before they were safely airlifted out.
  • People took shelter inside the temple for several hours, until Indian army airlifted them to safer places.
  • Thousands of children were airlifted from Vietnam and adopted by families around the world.
  • He was airlifted back to the UK, but died in hospital of his burns six days after the accident.
  • One hiker, a high school senior, fell to her death, and the other was airlifted for treatment.
  • Depending on the situation, airlifted supplies can be delivered by a variety of means.
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Root form of airlifted is airlift for the verb.

Meaning of airlifted

  • verb Fly people or goods to or from places not accessible by other means
    Food is airlifted into Bosnia