airlift missions

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  • The air defense mission was changed to a military airlift mission.
  • It also performed various airlift missions as part of its training.
  • In 2004, the unit started training to support tactical airlift missions in addition to its weather mission.
  • The general returned to the Air Force airlift mission in October 1969.
  • In addition to the combat deployments, the unit has also been very heavily-tasked with airlift missions during national emergencies.
  • In addition, Air Mobility Command supports cargo and passenger traffic as part of its airlift mission.
  • These helicopters provided typical helicopter airlift missions such as special air lift, administrative support, and emergency air evacuation.
  • GLDs provide ground intelligence, coordinating data and maneuver information directly to the pilots who will fly a given close air support or airlift mission.
  • With the tactical airlift mission now part of MAC, emphasis on tactical operations was increased.
  • Beginning August 1992, the group participated in airlift missions worldwide, including numerous humanitarian missions.
  • The airlift mission was extended until July 31, 2007, at which point it was extended again for another two years.
  • Since then the group has taken part in joint training exercises, channel and special assignment airlift missions, and humanitarian and contingency operations worldwide.
  • On many occasions the C-7s flew emergency airlift missions to airstrips and combat areas that no other aircraft could reach.
  • It also trained for tactical airlift missions, participating in joint training exercises.
  • These figures did not include tonnage flown in the Hump airlift missions to China.
  • The squadron has also flown numerous humanitarian airlift missions.
  • On many occasions the C-7A's flew emergency airlift missions to airstrips and combat areas that no other aircraft could reach.
  • After 1958, the wing increasingly participated in humanitarian and other airlift missions.
  • The group trained for and flew strategic airlift missions worldwide, performing channel flights and special assignment airlift missions.
  • Since acquiring the C-130 airframe, the unit has supported a worldwide tactical airlift mission.
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