Airlift Group

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  • He was promoted several times and completed his Air Force Reserve duty as a captain and the director of intelligence for an airlift group.
  • With the change of equipment, the unit was designated a Tactical Airlift Group.
  • The group became the first fixed wing assault airlift group in the Air Force and was the first to fly the C-123B.
  • The 317th Airlift Group is now the largest C-130J unit in the world.
  • It works with the 43rd Airlift Group in this capacity.
  • They may report to a wing or they may be completely independent (the 317th Airlift Group at Dyess Air Force Base).
  • With this conversion came the strategic airlift mission and the designation of the 164th Airlift Group.
  • It was during this time that the 164th was re-designated as the 164th Tactical Airlift Group.
  • The assumption of the airlift mission was reflected when the group was redesignated the 608th Military Airlift Group.
  • It assumed the missions, squadrons, flights, and personnel of the 944th Military Airlift Group.
  • Typically, the President flies in military aircraft that are under the command of the Presidential Airlift Group, which include Air Force One, Marine One, Navy One, and others.
  • Despite this separation as units, both the 7th Bomb Wing and the 317th Airlift Group remained at Dyess.
  • The decade began with a new unit being assigned to the 440th, the 928th Tactical Airlift Group in 1970.
  • "It also would leave the 250 pilots, loadmasters, maintenance workers and other personnel of the 135th Airlift Group without an assignment."
  • The 913th Airlift Group is trained and equipped Air Force Reservists to perform the combat missions of tactical airlift and aerial re-supply.
  • In July 1969, the unit was reorganized and designated as a Group level and renamed the 176th Tactical Airlift Group.
  • The group provided SAM transport to the President of the United States until 20 February 2001 when that mission was delegated to the Presidential Airlift Group.
  • In 1992 the unit was redesignated the 143rd Airlift Group in response to Air Force wide restructuring and assigned to Air Combat Command.
  • The 135th Airlift Group flew 42 relief missions and deployed nearly 200 troops to support recovery and relief efforts in Louisiana and Mississippi.
  • In 1982 the 928th Tactical Airlift Group proposed the establishment of drop and landing zones at Chanute.
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