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  • They do not even re-join in the wake long after the airfoil has passed.
  • This pressure distribution is simply the pressure at all points around an airfoil.
  • His knowledge of complex analysis was key to current airfoil design techniques at the time.
  • The main danger comes from the ice changing the shape of its airfoils.
  • This shape is called an airfoil and is shaped like a birds wing.
  • These data formed the basis for many World War II airfoil designs.
  • An airfoil at a given angle of attack will have what is called a pressure distribution.
  • Also, early airfoil sections were very thin, and could not have strong frame installed within.
  • It involves breaking an airfoil down into several small parts then determining the forces on them.
  • I think that's where they first got the idea of trying out oval and circular airfoils. Cited from The Flying Saucers are Real, by Donald Keyhoe
  • Combined with a high lift airfoil section, this gave it the ability to operate from very small fields.
  • The first aircraft was flown with an airfoil designed for speed rather than lift.
  • An airfoil affects the speed and direction of the flow over a wide area.
  • Generating equipment would remain on the ground, and only the airfoils are supported by the wind.
  • The wing is a single-surface airfoil with a double-surface wing covering optional.
  • When the sail is arranged across or into the wind the sail acts as an airfoil.
  • It featured a lifting body of thick airfoil section between the inner engines.
  • They are similar in appearance and purpose to airfoils used by airplanes.
  • Some warheads may use small hypersonic airfoils during the descent to gain additional cross-range distance.
  • Further testing has shown that this airfoil is effective in low Reynolds number flow.
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Meaning of airfoil

  • noun A device that provides reactive force when in motion relative to the surrounding air; can lift or control a plane in flight