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  • The station became one of the main airfields for long-range transport aircraft.
  • The German government decided to turn the former airfield into a civil airport.
  • He was a supply officer and then over time ran one of the training airfields.
  • The airfield's former control tower remains in a park area by the road.
  • There is now a middle school named in his honor on the site of the airfield.
  • American forces put the airfield to use on the third day.
  • The land was acquired by the government for use as an airfield after the business plan failed.
  • Aircraft movement on the airfield can be easily observed from the museum.
  • The island was also the site of a small military airfield, as part of the defense.
  • This required a large number of personnel to set up and man forward airfields.
  • On top of this the aircraft required a proper airfield on which to land.
  • Through World War II the airfield was given over to the war effort.
  • The airfield's air traffic control tower is still present on campus.
  • Now most of the airfield buildings have been demolished, including the control tower.
  • A committee was formed to obtain a military airfield for their community.
  • Airfields were large open areas where any above-ground structure would present a hazard to aircraft.
  • Within hours, many airfields and naval stations were destroyed by Japanese air attacks.
  • The airfield has since been replaced by an industrial park.
  • At the end of the war, the government ceased operation of the airfield.
  • Work began on the airfield immediately, mainly using captured Japanese equipment.
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  • noun A place where planes take off and land