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  • Info Aircrew, also called flight crew, are personnel who operate an aircraft while in flight. more...
  • Overall the Japanese lost more than four hundred aircraft with their newly trained aircrew.
  • The term flight officer is sometimes used today to describe job title positions as aircrew members.
  • Much work was done to develop and improve aircrew life support equipment.
  • In addition to pilots, air forces have ground support staff who support the aircrew.
  • Both aircrew and ground team members may receive credit for finds.
  • Its mission consists of training mission-ready aircrews in special operations and personnel recovery.
  • Normally he returned to his civilian job for several months until he was called up for aircrew training.
  • Limited bilateral training continued, however, for countries unable to train their own aircrew.
  • Some flying officers are aircrew, but many are ground branch officers.
  • The object was to provide a reserve of aircrew for use in the event of war.
  • This necessitates a mission organization of ten full-time aircrews and ten part-time.
  • Australian aircrew were assigned to most of the group's aircraft, serving in every role except aircraft commander.
  • This gives the opportunity for the intelligence students and the aircrew to exchange information.
  • All twelve aircrew (six aboard each aircraft) were killed and both aircraft were also destroyed.
  • Some pilot officers are aircrew, whilst many are ground branch officers.
  • A flight officer is a member of the aircrew of an aircraft who is responsible for specific functions.
  • The squadron also participated in rescue operations for aircrew that came down behind Japanese lines.
  • Twenty-two marine aircrew members in fourteen aircraft perished during the same period.
  • Generally, aircrews were formed at other airfields and received their primary training there.
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  • noun The crew of an aircraft