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  • However, it had been decided that some form of airborne operation would have to be carried out.
  • This was the first occasion this had been done in British airborne operations.
  • The plane remained airborne only a few minutes; no one is sure what went wrong.
  • One notable exception was the use of airborne forces in special operations.
  • He made it very clear that the forces used were primarily airborne and air units that were already in the area.
  • Airborne forces raised by Australia have included a small number of conventional and special forces units.
  • Additionally, for such aircraft to become airborne, they would require very powerful engines.
  • The Dutch were exposed to the first large scale airborne attack in history.
  • The Dutch were exposed to the first large scale airborne attack in history.
  • Unfortunately, it could only be made airborne with the death of its first user.
  • Mixed focus approach which is a combination of both the airborne and ground approach.
  • Plans for the use of airborne forces took several forms, all of which were cancelled.
  • The Soviet airborne forces were mostly used as 'foot' infantry during the war.
  • Four days was a long time for an airborne force to fight unsupported.
  • Although considered an infantry division, the 24th included two airborne battle groups for several months.
  • France became the first nation to organize women in an airborne unit.
  • It was the largest airborne operation up to that time.
  • In spite of this he managed to get the aircraft airborne.
  • Canadian airborne troops had also landed earlier in the day behind the beaches.
  • It could also remain airborne if the three central powerplants failed.
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