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  • An airport primarily for military use is called an airbase or air station.
  • The airbase is now part of a small industrial estate in the village.
  • In the beginning the airbase had only three aircraft but more were bought in the same year.
  • Each of these forward operating facilities is located on a national airbase.
  • Japan has an airbase, but plays no role in the conflict itself.
  • The airbase was originally designated to be used only in the event of war.
  • A minor fire broke out, but it was soon put out by the airbase fire brigade.
  • The plan proposed the protection of most of the historic elements of the airbase.
  • Military use of airport continues to this day, being a military fighter airbase.
  • Their mission was to provide airbase security while in Iraq for the next seven months.
  • An airbase commander has authority over all units stationed on his base.
  • The airbase is not open to civilians except some high government officials on government work.
  • Part of the museum also tells the story of the airbase.
  • An airbase may be defended by anti-aircraft weapons and force protection troops.
  • A military airport is known as an airbase or air station.
  • They were connected with one another by wooden foot bridges which led over the airbase roads.
  • Although specific plans were articulated, no construction of an airbase was carried out.
  • Dates shown indicate years during which units and aircraft were known to be at that airbase.
  • He was killed when his unit was sent unexpectedly to the front to fight for control of a key airbase.
  • Once seized, the Americans improved and expanded the airbase for their own operations.
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