Air Cadet

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  • There are seven national courses in the air cadet summer training program.
  • There he taught hand-to-hand combat to naval air cadets.
  • By the time he finished his flight training, however, the Army had discontinued its air cadet program.
  • The university was used to train enlisted men, air cadets and officers.
  • Air Cadets who meet the age criteria can join the award scheme.
  • The new rank brought the rank progression for the sea, army, and air cadet programs into line.
  • During the summer months this could be extended especially during Air Cadet Summer Camps.
  • Each year several hundred air cadets volunteer to stay on the base in temporary accommodation.
  • The basic Air Cadet program is provided at no cost, including uniforms and activities.
  • James went to join the air cadets, then moves to Los Angeles to start and acting career.
  • Cadets can only receive one service medal, even if they have spent a total of four years in sea, army and air cadets.
  • It was not until the start of World War II that the Air Cadet organization was created.
  • The chart below displays the training level structure of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.
  • Air Cadet Squadron Officers had a similar training system.
  • The local RAF Air Cadets performed a fly-past over the funeral ceremony.
  • Dorr Field provided primary flight training for air cadets.
  • The aircraft fleet used in the gliding program is owned by the Air Cadet League of Canada.
  • It was the character-building aspect of Air Cadet training which appealed most strongly to the youth leaders of the country.
  • He volunteered as an Air Cadet prior to his graduation from college.
  • These losses had been made up from troops taken from disbanded small units, air cadets in training, and divisions not moving immediately to Europe.
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