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  • A unique roll control system is used as the aircraft has no ailerons.
  • The right aileron was almost completely shot off and a large hole shot in the right wing.
  • Ailerons may also be designed to use a combination of these methods.
  • In addition, vertical ailerons will run the full length of the building on each edge.
  • In some aircraft the aileron construction may be too heavy to allow this system to work without huge weight increases.
  • Both types carried ailerons and leading edge slots on the upper wing only.
  • Its span wing has a combined area of and ailerons on the bottom wing only.
  • In fact the rolling of the wings usually causes a greater effect than the ailerons.
  • The rest of the wing surface, including the long ailerons was fabric covered.
  • The mid-mounted wing has a double surface and full-span ailerons.
  • The mid-mounted wing has a double surface and full-span ailerons.
  • The ailerons move differentially - one goes up as the other goes down.
  • This revealed control problems caused by twisting of the wing caused by the over-large ailerons.
  • Turns can be done by the use of ailerons only.
  • It had two-bay wings with a swept leading edge and ailerons on upper and lower wings.
  • Boulton's description of his aileron control system was both clear and complete.
  • Single-acting ailerons were fitted to both upper and lower wings.
  • They may also, depending on cuff location, improve aileron control at low speed.
  • The aileron roll is commonly used in air shows and aerial combat training.
  • The top wing was of larger span than the lower ones; the middle and top wings carried ailerons.
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Meaning of aileron

  • noun An airfoil that controls lateral motion