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  • On occasion the president has left his aide carrying the football behind.
  • Aide de Camp is available for purchase, while the other three are offered free.
  • The defence minister decides which of his aides could also become council members.
  • Some of his former aides have gone on to public office.
  • She was the sister of one of his war-time aides.
  • Emergency services have river and air access and are provided by a health aide.
  • He used him as an aide when a young man.
  • The two aides would come to her aid when needed.
  • According to her aides, stories of the sacrifice these families make move her to tears.
  • She becomes his indispensable aide, and he calls her for every little thing.
  • They did not agree on the first day, but their aides continued meeting for a few more days.
  • His horse was shot from under him, but he mounted an aide's horse and continued to lead.
  • Her father was a lawyer and her mother was a political aide.
  • In the United Kingdom, junior officers serve as aides-de-camp to certain senior officers.
  • His light duties as aide-de-camp gave him time for polo, another of his interests.
  • Bell was appointed the aide-de-camp to the Governor-General of Australia.
  • She had previously served as a legislative aide to her husband.
  • In the earlier years of this period he was the aide-de-camp and constant companion of the king.
  • In general, for the majority officers, the maximum tour of duty for aides is two years.
  • Both Male and Female officers may serve as aides de camp.
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Meaning of aide

  • noun Someone who acts as assistant