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  • Community supported agriculture is one such example of community based economic activities.
  • Despite the spread of built areas, much of the county is given over to agriculture.
  • Until the mid-1990s, the area was primarily used for small-scale agriculture.
  • Agriculture accounts for less than one-fifth of food system energy use in the US.
  • The country is not self-sufficient in most areas of agriculture.
  • This stage ends with the development of private property, especially with the development of large scale agriculture.
  • In agriculture, the government moved more slowly towards a command economy.
  • Value-added agriculture is regarded by some as a significant rural development strategy.
  • On a more practical level, the central government took an active interest in supporting agriculture.
  • Another is that most indigenous communities can no longer provide for their own needs through agriculture.
  • When to add it was based on observation of natural agriculture-related events.
  • The belief was that agriculture was the key to nation-building and national defense.
  • The school had a community supported agriculture program, operating a farm on the school grounds.
  • The economy of most rural communities on the island is based on small-scale agriculture.
  • The economy of most rural communities on the island is based on small-scale agriculture.
  • The local agriculture is also helped by the pleasant climate of the island.
  • A new mode of production replaced the slave-based large-scale agriculture of the pre-war years.
  • Their use in agriculture led to an increase in the land available for cultivation.
  • Increases in agriculture and especially fish production are believed possible with the application of modern technology.
  • Most food has always been obtained through agriculture.
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Meaning of agriculture

  • noun The class of people engaged in growing food