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  • It is the most extensive free trade agreement that either nation has entered into.
  • This was the first agreement that we had with the white man.
  • They subsequently came to an agreement that they could continue to share the name.
  • It is the first free trade agreement that China has signed with any developed country.
  • She sold the house under the agreement that she could live in it for the rest of her life.
  • There is a general agreement that the new building should also have a cultural as well as commercial purpose.
  • There is no contemporary agreement that one of the traditional schools is most correct.
  • Many companies had their major stars sign agreements that they would not appear on radio.
  • When they finally talk it through, they are in agreement that getting married might not have been the best idea.
  • There is now agreement that there are two species with two subspecies each.
  • However, they remained in agreement that universals did indeed have a mind-independent existence.
  • This quarrel is broken up when they made an agreement that the three will help them fight the army.
  • The question was whether she was entitled to it, despite their agreement that he would not need to pay it.
  • The couple made a mutual agreement that they were going to find another hotel elsewhere.
  • Soos made an agreement that he would return lands if they would be allowed access to water.
  • However he managed to get an agreement that his character would depart some time after his on-screen family.
  • There is no agreement that all art after modernism is post-modern.
  • Currently both countries have signed a free trade agreement that went into effect in 1999.
  • There is general agreement that it is not closely related to the other language families of North America.
  • He said there was an agreement that no shots were to be fired.
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