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  • Agreeable people are likely to help even when these conditions are not present.
  • He made up his mind that he would not have a very agreeable day with them. Cited from The Young Bridge-Tender, by Arthur M. Winfield
  • He closed his eyes, because it occurred to him that to do so would be agreeable. Cited from Clayhanger, by Arnold Bennett
  • It is hardly necessary to say that I passed a very agreeable evening.
  • Taking his point of view, the agreeable part was very small.
  • There were two reasons that free love was more agreeable to men.
  • He was very agreeable indeed: and I believe his Visit did him good. Cited from Letters of Edward FitzGerald to Fanny Kemble (1871-1883), by FitzGerald
  • In every case the cold or hot application should be so managed as to be agreeable. Cited from Papers on Health, by John Kirk
  • They lost no opportunity of making themselves agreeable to him. Cited from The Story of the Upper Canada Rebellion, Vol. 1, by John Charles Dent
  • This may be done at least once a day -- if agreeable, it may be done twice. Cited from Papers on Health, by John Kirk
  • In due time I discovered that if duty was well performed, service with him was most agreeable.
  • He made himself agreeable to his passengers, and kept his ship's company in good order. Cited from The Young Rajah, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • Tell you what I'll do, that is if it is agreeable to you. Cited from Bob Strong's Holidays, by John Conroy Hutcheson
  • When the party got inside they discovered an equally agreeable change. Cited from Mountain Moggy, by William H. G. Kingston
  • Still our position was very far from an agreeable one. Cited from Paddy Finn, by W. H. G. Kingston
  • Most visitors come in the summer when the weather is more agreeable.
  • He was soft spoke and agreeable, yet, there was always a certain reserve.
  • Our life were in that case most light and agreeable! Cited from Aurelian, by William Ware
  • Women are generally taught to be more agreeable whereas men are taught to be more independent.
  • I am glad the little things I sent you were agreeable. Cited from The Romance of Old New England Rooftrees, by Mary Caroline Crawford
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Meaning of agreeable

  • adjective Conforming to your own liking or feelings or nature
    Is the plan agreeable to you?, he's an agreeable fellow, My idea of an agreeable a person who agrees with me"- Disraeli, an agreeable manner