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  • There was not such another battle until my third term, when we were the aggressors. Cited from A Student in Arms, by Donald Hankey
  • Up to this point the new idea has taken the lead, he has been the aggressor. Cited from The Elements of General Method, by Charles A. McMurry
  • From this position he can try to turn over either toward or away from the aggressor.
  • Then, he admitted to himself that he had done all he could do without becoming the aggressor. Cited from Call of the Cumberlands, by Charles Neville Buck
  • Then comes war -- usually against some nation supposed to be less well prepared than the aggressor. Cited from Woman and the New Race, by Margaret Sanger
  • The aggressor seems surprised at himself and says he does not know why he did that.
  • The aggressor followed him the same night and made his escape. Cited from The History of Sumatra, by William Marsden
  • This being granted, let us consider the method of the aggressor more closely. Cited from Social Life in the Insect World, by J. H. Fabre
  • During the battle her son was wounded and she cut off the leg of the aggressor.
  • And that means not only physical security which provides safety from attacks by aggressors. Cited from Complete State of the Union Addresses
  • On the right lay a small wood, by which his aggressor had no doubt fled. Cited from The Hollow Needle, by Maurice LeBlanc
  • For such a strategy to work, it must be made public knowledge to all possible aggressors.
  • He himself had been the aggressor and he also had been the victor. Cited from The Long Shadow, by B. M. Bower
  • Those were the ones who hid rather than risk their lives fighting the aggressor. Cited from The Lani People, by J. F. Bone
  • In the difficulty between us of which you speak, you say you think I was the aggressor. Cited from Speeches and Letters of Abraham Lincoln, 1832-1865, by Abraham Lincoln
  • He made a movement of resistance, as though he intended to thrust back his aggressors. Cited from The Teeth of the Tiger, by Maurice Leblanc
  • In all the troubles of my people, the white man has been the first aggressor. Cited from Three Years on the Plains, by Edmund B. Tuttle
  • I therefore must be the aggressor against people who might not desire to injure me. Cited from Mark Seaworth, by William H.G. Kingston
  • The related concept of aggressor squadron is used by some air forces.
  • Only initial aggressors must retreat before using force in self-defense.
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Meaning of aggressor

  • noun A confident assertive person who acts as instigator