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  • It has in greater degree than any other form the feature of aggressiveness. Cited from Public Speaking, by Irvah Lester Winter
  • When he put his question, it was with his former aggressiveness much modified. Cited from The Lord of Death and the Queen of Life
  • As interest in football grew so also did its aggressiveness and thus its resulting injuries.
  • It is usually very small, but it makes up with its aggressiveness.
  • Rather, it seemed more as though all the people here were engaged in some sort of secret aggressiveness. Cited from Man of Many Minds, by E. Everett Evans
  • It seemed that his aggressiveness had turned against him this time.
  • In speed and aggressiveness, he would prove a leader of any organization in the country today.
  • His face was pale, and for the moment all the aggressiveness had gone out of him. Cited from News from the Duchy, by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  • A number of other individual factors are associated with higher levels of aggressiveness.
  • It may also be that aggressiveness has been passed down through the genes.
  • A lack of aggressiveness and sense of purpose in the wing had led to the change in command.
  • The term is now applied generally to cover any indication of military aggressiveness.
  • Due to his aggressiveness, he has had a few disciplinary problems in his career.
  • Much of her old aggressiveness and speed of foot are still hers. Cited from The Art of Lawn Tennis, by William T. Tilden, 2D
  • However the conditions under which women and men differ in aggressiveness are not well understood.
  • In another case when both parents are present, the female will display increased aggressiveness when predation levels increase.
  • When I began to study medicine, I found that my aggressiveness had departed completely. Cited from Youth and Egolatry, by Pio Baroja
  • They made a picture of strength and health and aggressiveness. Cited from Notes of a War Correspondent, R. H. Davis
  • It was noted that he was a local fan favorite due to his hard work and aggressiveness.
  • These Soviet air groups showed indications of better training, improved equipment and increased aggressiveness.
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Meaning of aggressiveness

  • noun The quality of being bold and enterprising
  • noun A natural disposition to be hostile