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  • In sports, the rate of aggression in both contact and non-contact sports is relatively equal.
  • Overall, results showed slightly positive results for children receiving the classes (less aggression).
  • The result showed exposure to violent video games cause increase in aggression.
  • Groups that had previously transferred males show significantly less aggression upon the arrival of another male.
  • There was no significant difference in aggression between males and females before two years of age.
  • The leaders of the national movement prepared to resist further aggression by force.
  • He maintained order, and put a term to the aggressions of the Indians. Cited from Nation in a Nutshell, by George Makepeace Towle
  • No actual war with France grew out of her aggressions. Cited from American Merchant Ships and Sailors, by Willis J. Abbot
  • Aggression can be defined as any behavior that is intended to harm another human being.
  • But they were not far distant, and soon were presented by the British aggressions. Cited from John Quincy Adams, by John T. Morse
  • The band fought against male aggression at their shows.
  • Britain, twice humbled for her aggressions, has at length been taught to respect us. Cited from The Bay State Monthly, Volume I. No. VI. June, 1884, by Various
  • DHEA levels also have been studied in humans and may play a role in human aggression.
  • Exactly which method women use to express aggression is something that varies from culture to culture.
  • They are noisy and display their aggression towards other individuals by throwing back their heads.
  • In the event of aggression by any of the first three states against another, all other parties were to assist the country under attack.
  • Three years were consumed without further aggressions on either side, and probably in negotiations for peace. Cited from Athens: Rise and Fall, by Lytton, Book 4
  • Mohism is opposed to any form of aggression, especially war between states.
  • Cross-cultural research has found differences in attitudes towards aggression in different cultures.
  • The women start fighting, taking out their aggressions not only upon themselves but upon the Stooges as well.
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Root form of aggressions is aggression for the noun.

Meaning of aggressions

  • noun A disposition to behave aggressively
  • noun A feeling of hostility that arouses thoughts of attack
  • noun Violent action that is hostile and usually unprovoked
  • noun The act of initiating hostilities
  • noun Deliberately unfriendly behavior