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  • The course was his own and fully did he afterwards pay the price for his aggressions. Cited from The Romantic Settlement of Lord Selkirk's Colonists, by George Bryce
  • These were their aggressions at this period; and more than these. Cited from Selected Speeches on British Foreign Policy 1738-1914, by Edgar Jones
  • When these aggressions come, the whole German folk stands with its army, as it does now. Cited from New York Times Current History: The European War, Mar 1915, V. 1, No. 2
  • He maintained order, and put a term to the aggressions of the Indians. Cited from Nation in a Nutshell, by George Makepeace Towle
  • No actual war with France grew out of her aggressions. Cited from American Merchant Ships and Sailors, by Willis J. Abbot
  • But they were not far distant, and soon were presented by the British aggressions. Cited from John Quincy Adams, by John T. Morse
  • Britain, twice humbled for her aggressions, has at length been taught to respect us. Cited from The Bay State Monthly, Volume I. No. VI. June, 1884, by Various
  • Three years were consumed without further aggressions on either side, and probably in negotiations for peace. Cited from Athens: Rise and Fall, by Lytton, Book 4
  • The women start fighting, taking out their aggressions not only upon themselves but upon the Stooges as well.
  • Richard, being male, for his part thought the less about it, and went simply meditating future sweet aggressions. Cited from The President, by Alfred Henry Lewis
  • Are we to take no heed of their aggressions at our doors? Cited from Select Speeches of Kossuth, by Kossuth
  • We need laws to protect women from these aggressions and violations of their rights as human beings.
  • War can come only by the wilful acts and aggressions of others. Cited from President Wilson's Addresses, by Woodrow Wilson
  • All these aggressions, and many more, have been borne with the greatest patience. Cited from The Nest in the Honeysuckles, and other Stories, by Various
  • While, the control group and the other group of children placed in a passive role model environment hardly shows any type of aggressions.
  • To call him to account, and oppose his aggressions, required an agent of spirit and address. Cited from Voyages of Columbus Vol. II,Washington Irving
  • This man deals with each other specific man, his aggressions and services, as a nation would if a nation could be one specific man. Cited from Crowds, by Gerald Stanley Lee
  • The war at once led to new aggressions. Cited from Formation of the Union, by Albert Bushnell Hart
  • He concluded by saying that if he received more of my letters, he should shelter himself from my aggressions by the protection of the law. Cited from Pelham, by E. B. Lytton, Vol. 7
  • They were brought into being by the necessity of resisting the aggressions of the others. Cited from The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce, Vol. I, by Ambrose Bierce
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Root form of aggressions is aggression for the noun.

Meaning of aggressions

  • noun A disposition to behave aggressively
  • noun A feeling of hostility that arouses thoughts of attack
  • noun Violent action that is hostile and usually unprovoked
  • noun The act of initiating hostilities
  • noun Deliberately unfriendly behavior