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  • No score for the Windows version has been reported at either aggregator.
  • In an open environment the data aggregator has little to no influence on the data publisher.
  • This change was considered strange and different amongst fans and aggregators.
  • Ultimately, two review aggregators reflect the film's general reception by western critics.
  • Independent Financial Advisors are another group that account aggregators are beginning to focus their attention on.
  • They are named after the Planet aggregator, a server application designed for this purpose.
  • These other critics suggest that some news aggregators could provide a different function and promote public dialogue amongst news readers.
  • The site provides and analyzes business news and acts as an aggregator of top news stories from around the web.
  • In addition, all major web browsers have some form of built-in web feed aggregator.
  • In its original form, it would have included even short snippets of news made available by news aggregators and web search engines.
  • Marin Software is the largest third party aggregator of paid search spend in the world.
  • These aggregators earn a percentage of any sales made by the deal sites through their affiliate program.
  • It is a website aggregator acting as a search index for online video.
  • OVGuide is a website aggregator which allows users to find online video content.
  • Use of the TransPAC2 network was limited to the networks carried by other research and education network aggregators.
  • In part, this has led to the launch of price aggregators such as to guide users through the increasing number of online products.
  • Sparknews started as a TV and press reports aggregator focused on solution based content.
  • In the travel industry meta-search sites and aggregators have gained respectable market share.
  • Some businesses provide the entire service including creating the messages and sending them via an aggregator on behalf of a business.
  • According to the review aggregator Metacritic, it received generally positive reviews from critics.
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