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  • One half day was assigned to each of the six main agenda areas.
  • This development allowed others within the court to further advance their personal agendas.
  • He also had several side agendas which were not revealed for some time.
  • The first person to speak at the meeting is the member who proposed the agenda.
  • Some on the present board have personal agendas, because not one word has been said about our students.
  • Once approved, land management plans are designed with one of two primary agendas.
  • He was not just successful in his elections but also in his goals and agendas.
  • This was a sure way to promote his own political agendas and campaign.
  • Roosevelt worked his entire career to put the issue high on the national agenda.
  • The pair then form an alliance so that they may better achieve their personal agendas.
  • Though both of them did care for one another, their personal agendas kept them from commitment.
  • He was promoting his own agenda rather than that of the army or the government.
  • Several agendas thus can be seen in this body of literature.
  • Small groups might create agendas of only a few issues.
  • However, it seems like he has other hidden agendas as well.
  • Each group has their own ideas about what should be changed, and different agendas on why the rules should be changed.
  • The minutes and agenda for each city council meeting are available in advance on the city's website.
  • National education policy took a major step towards being completely taken over by the agenda of indoctrination.
  • These skills often assist in building political power through the formation of large social groups working for a common agenda.
  • It also continued its liberal agenda, supporting universal health care, for example.
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Meaning of agenda

  • noun A temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to
  • noun A list of matters to be taken up (as at a meeting)