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  • These used to be held at night but have since been changed to afternoons.
  • The museum is open during special events and on Sunday afternoons in the summer.
  • Public sessions are available at certain times most afternoons during the season.
  • It is also used as a performing space, with bands playing most afternoons through the summer.
  • Free public entry was now offered on three afternoons a week.
  • The other groups had to "wait until they got home" in the afternoons.
  • The church is open at service times and on summer Sunday afternoons.
  • The city's library is open six afternoons and three evenings per week.
  • On Saturday afternoons the station gave five hours of programming over to local high schools.
  • Only a few hours at first, later the entire afternoons and early evenings.
  • Waiting times were approximately five to seven minutes per bus during peak hours and ten minutes per bus during mid-afternoons.
  • These additional meetings are held in the afternoons prior to the city commission meetings.
  • During the afternoons, people (especially singles) visit the park to meet others.
  • For its final year, the show was moved to afternoons.
  • Within a year he moved the show to afternoons.
  • Most of their coverage was of live matches on Sunday afternoons of top-flight games.
  • The network also aired some late-season games on Sunday afternoons.
  • Universal scheduled their involvement for mid-afternoons to prevent them missing too much time in school.
  • Sometimes a drama such as Land Girls is shown in the afternoons.
  • The museum is focused on programs for local school groups, but is open to the public on specific afternoons each week.
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Root form of afternoons is afternoon for the noun.

Synonyms of afternoons

Meaning of afternoons

  • noun The part of the day between noon and evening
    he spent a quiet afternoon in the park