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  • Robert would then enter the room and start a monologue about death and the afterlife.
  • This is a common afterlife theme found in some form or other in many cultures.
  • Religion can play a key role, especially in terms of expectations of an afterlife.
  • The song tells of the soul's passage through the afterlife.
  • Belief that consciousness is preserved after physical death is described by the term afterlife.
  • At the beginning, a sister and brother are waiting in the afterlife.
  • That is, while the inhabitants were in life neither good nor evil, so they are treated in the afterlife.
  • The novel has significant differences from the film, in its plot and its vision of the afterlife.
  • She also says that the absence of any kind of afterlife may scare people into living their lives properly.
  • Some are Christian references related to passing the bridge into the afterlife.
  • It is only by this process that a human soul may survive death, and live on in the afterlife.
  • This book is a detailed description of the afterlife, how people live after the death of the physical body.
  • The two gods were considered similar because they both guided souls to the afterlife.
  • The story ends with the two friends reuniting in some form of afterlife.
  • Faith in some form of afterlife is an important aspect of many people's beliefs.
  • This is in direct opposition to House's belief that there is no afterlife of any kind.
  • However, the loss of life may not have seemed a large risk, when compared with the promise of the afterlife.
  • The path to the afterlife as laid out in the Book of the Dead was a difficult one.
  • But the level of intellectual development does affect the type of afterlife that the soul can have.
  • Her role now is to guide lost spirits to the afterlife.
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Meaning of afterlife

  • noun Life after death