afterlife where

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  • The Eternal World is a place similar to the afterlife where a person's "other self" awaits.
  • The wall collectively ensures the tomb owner of rebirth in the afterlife where he will be sustained through cult activities.
  • One of those beliefs was the concept of an afterlife where rewards and punishments were mete out.
  • The Merovingian has the role as the guardian of the virtual afterlife where exiled programs can seek refuge from deletion.
  • It tells the story of a Parisian pervert who ends up in an electronic afterlife where invisible souls communicate with e-mails.
  • The two men then travel to the afterlife where they meet Stroker's father, a janitor in limbo, and Suko from episode six.
  • Ingrid then disappears to the afterlife where she is happy to join her beloved sisters, Helga and Gerda, there.
  • Such beings may also have access to some afterlife where the soul of the character fled after dying (such as fictional variations of Heaven or Hell), and have some limited interaction with the character even while keeping him dead.
  • A large electric shock delivered during the process sees Parker experience an ambiguous vision of the afterlife where he meets the people he has lost including Gwen Stacy and Uncle Ben.
  • After the Buddha died in book 8, Brahman personally escorted the Buddha to the afterlife where he promised to reveal what awaited those who pass into death.
  • When an EMBO dies, its SOUL, or Stuff Of Unending Life, travels to the afterlife where it will attempt to find an appropriate "fate structure".