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  • Aftab did not play any further matches at a major level.
  • He himself accepted the full responsibility of this action, as Aftab News reported.
  • Aftab has an edge over the other two heroes because his character is mass appealing.
  • Aftab shows her a picture of the lady: his mother who died 10 years ago!
  • Aftab thus finished with 53 runs from his three first-class matches.
  • Aftab remained passive about his cricketing career and have the record of leaving camp.
  • But Aftab has no faith in her dreams for them.
  • Aftab's family tree and cross-marriages in other influential families has given him a unique edge over his political opponents.
  • Aftab also stated that her anti-bullying group had no interest in working with Lewinsky.
  • Aftab Sachak is an actor, whose career has been primarily based in the United Kingdom.
  • In his early days Aftab was careless about playing international cricket and even thought of it as a torture.
  • He also was the cultural affairs editor for Aftab Yazd Daily for a period.
  • Aftab made two first-class appearances for the team, during the 1969-70 season.
  • Aftab's only recorded match at level came during that season's edition of the Ranji Trophy.
  • When she sees Aftab's gang dancing on a street corner one night, she has no idea that her dreams are about to change.
  • Later on aftab iqbal again joined geo news and is now hosting the show.
  • Aftab began working in the area of online safety in 1997.
  • Fifteen years later, Aftab Baloch became the sixth player to score a quadruple century.
  • It features Aftab in a double role, as a scientist who aims to clone human life.
  • Any Pakistani failed to land the title over the next decade except one Aftab Javaid who managed to reach the final.
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