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  • Four bunks were also provided aft of the engines for the engine room crew.
  • The aft section floated for five minutes before going down.
  • The open space formerly present on that deck just aft of the stack was closed in.
  • One hit aft was seen on the lead tanker, and flames shot over into the air.
  • These allow the rear wheel to be moved fore or aft as necessary.
  • According to her survivors, the first torpedo struck just aft of the bridge and caused major damage.
  • Aft is a naval term meaning towards the stern (rear) of the ship.
  • The aft fuselage was almost entirely dedicated to the engine, from just behind the wings.
  • In some quarters it was felt that the two main turrets should be distributed one forward and one aft.
  • Busloads of AFT members came to the nation's capital for the event.
  • They represented a serious fire hazard, but they could not be launched until all aircraft on the flight deck were moved aft.
  • Main-battery fire control had to be shifted aft due to the loss of electrical power.
  • The forward gasoline system had been secured, but the aft system was operating.
  • The green zone with the aft portion of the aircraft was located the furthest along the flight path.
  • A white navigation light is as far aft as possible on the tail or each wing tip.
  • A high-angle director for the anti-aircraft guns was also added in place of the aft rangefinder.
  • Her aft torpedo director tower was protected by six-inch walls and a three-inch cast steel roof.
  • Pieces of another shell struck her radar office aft, killing the crewmen within.
  • If an aft tail is used, the wing is designed to stall before the tail.
  • Also, the engines were constructed with the high-pressure cylinder aft and the low-pressure cylinder forward.
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Synonyms of aft

Meaning of aft

  • adjective (nautical, aeronautical) situated at or toward the stern or tail
  • adverb At or near or toward the stern of a ship or tail of an airplane
    stow the luggage aft, ships with square sails sail fairly efficiently with the wind abaft, the captain looked astern to see what the fuss was about