AFT model

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  • The AFT model, while first developed to describe mechanical failure, has been applied frequently to biological and medical situations.
  • The log-logistic distribution provides the most commonly used AFT model.
  • However, in the AFT model, both effect (abortion) and the time to effect are dependent on concentration.
  • In the statistical area of survival analysis, an accelerated failure time model (AFT model) is a parametric model that provides an alternative to the commonly used proportional hazards models.
  • The Weibull distribution (including the exponential distribution as a special case) can be parameterised as either a proportional hazards model or an AFT model, and is the only family of distributions to have this property.
  • Whereas a proportional hazards model assumes that the effect of a covariate is to multiply the hazard by some constant, an AFT model assumes that the effect of a covariate is to accelerate or decelerate the life course of a disease by some constant.