aft end

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  • The club attached to the aft end of the boom at its center.
  • The 'T'-shaped lift was wide at its forward end and wide at the its aft end.
  • They saw the lights go out on the fore part of the ship while the aft end of the ship remain lit.
  • Then they saw the lights on the aft end go out so that the silhouette of the ship remained barely visible.
  • The rear (or aft end) of the boat is called the stern.
  • The operator occupied a small cab on the port side at the aft end of the vehicle.
  • A large bridge structure was located at the aft end of the forecastle deck topped by four fire control stations of various types.
  • All engine accessories are mounted on the aft end of the engine under an engine tail-cone.
  • Note substantial weight on aft end of arm.
  • Her flight deck was wide and extended well beyond the aft end of her superstructure, supported by a pair of pillars.
  • The lowest sail's lines will be at the forward end of the rail, and the highest will be at the aft end.
  • The aircraft engines were mounted on a platform supported by iron scaffolding at the aft end of the vessel.
  • The paddlewheel at the aft end constantly churned, though the ship never moved.
  • The tail gunner occupied a four-gun turret at the extreme aft end of the aircraft.
  • A single torpedo hit broke the target in two; the aft end sank immediately, and the bow sank two minutes later.
  • The elevators were widely spaced apart, with one at the far aft end of the ship and one forward of the island.
  • Her aft end is upside down and relatively complete except for her propellers, which have been salvaged.
  • Evidence of water damage prevailed in the forward compartments but the aft end was in reasonably good condition.
  • A small cabinet on the aft end of the deckhouse held a compass and signal light.
  • The aft end of the hull contains a number of long bolts that were presumably used to mount the engine.
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