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  • He was thus forced to sell his star players in order to stay afloat.
  • By his estimate, she could remain afloat for no longer than about two hours.
  • It then pushed to find short term sources of money to keep the company afloat.
  • It was also able to keep him afloat when in water.
  • One morning the production crew walked out to where they kept it afloat and found it missing.
  • She remained afloat forward, which permitted her crew to escape without loss.
  • Her crew kept her afloat after losing one power plant.
  • The short answer: we became so popular so fast that we couldn't stay afloat!
  • While writing he took side jobs in teaching to keep himself afloat.
  • If the case falls into water, generally there will be enough air in the case to keep it afloat.
  • The kids get on trees so they can stay afloat on the river.
  • The players even entered teams in the London baseball league to try and keep the club afloat.
  • Her master believed she would stay afloat, but all but eleven of his men refused to remain on board.
  • The audience is so close they cannot see anything holding the cork afloat.
  • Her crew kept her afloat until rescue came next morning.
  • The original film changed much of the novel's plot and ended with the ship still afloat.
  • Soon only the tail section which had broken off remained afloat.
  • That, plus the use of paid local sports programming, has kept the station afloat.
  • Much to their surprise, the statue remained completely dry while afloat in the water.
  • For a time, they were the most powerful type of vessel afloat.
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Meaning of afloat

  • adjective Borne on the water; floating