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  • Ross was the chief witness in a narcotics trial against Affronti.
  • Two witnesses, Pressley and Brian Affronti, both said they were told to keep quiet about the kidnapping and killing.
  • The gangland aided in hiding Affronti for five years before he was captured in Brooklyn, New York, in 1937.
  • Hollywood and his gang then picked up Brian Affronti (another one of Hollywood's friends) then they drove their van up to Santa Barbara, California and traveled to various house parties.
  • In 1932, Mafia gangster Lonnie Affronti shot Azalea Ross and her husband in an ambush shoot-out on Route 10.
  • He recruited his former high school friends William Skidmore, Brian Affronti, Benjamin Markowitz, and Jesse Rugge to dispense narcotics for him and build up a profitable illicit drug operation.

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