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  • In short, those who need affordable energy most pay far more for it than those who do not.
  • We're just trying to work out how it would be affordable.
  • The lack of affordable housing on the island has forced many families to move off-island.
  • It has made it difficult for middle-class workers to find affordable housing on the island.
  • Since then, he has continued to be a champion for increased access to affordable and quality health care.
  • A second-order change would be to address issues in policy regarding affordable housing.
  • In less modern times, rock sugar was affordable to only the rich.
  • Recording on the professional-grade systems became affordable for individuals in the late 1990s.
  • The situation continued for several years, until affordable alternative textbooks eventually became available.
  • The eastern portion of the city is less affordable than its western counterpart.
  • It was established to provide the community with an affordable, quality education at a local Catholic university.
  • The search for a suitable and affordable place to live proved to be very difficult.
  • The houses were generally small, and were used by working class Americans seeking affordable living.
  • The city has developed a positive reputation in American media as an affordable and family-friendly community.
  • Mass production made technology affordable to the middle class.
  • Most people use dittos to do their work, as they are affordable even for the poor.
  • The houses were never privately owned, and their value stayed low and affordable.
  • Local party platforms center on affordable housing, education and law and order.
  • These were developed as affordable housing for the working classes in the early part of the 20th century.
  • Around the same time, videotape became a more affordable alternative to film for recording programs.
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