afflicting circumstances

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  • What spirits, and cleverness, and imagination, at that age, and under those afflicting circumstances! Cited from Selected English Letters (XV - XIX Centuries), by Various
  • I need condoling with by sympathising woman, under my afflicting circumstances; but we're out in the figure. Cited from The Lamplighter, by Charles Dickens
  • He is by nature a man of a sad mind, and under the pressure of afflicting circumstances his sadness has become embittered. Cited from Shadows of the Stage, by William Winter
  • That a woman would not be able to sing under such afflicting circumstances might be objected; but history shews us, scarcely any exertion of fortitude or despair is too great to be looked for in that total deprivation of all worldly interest consequent to such misfortunes. Cited from The Lay of Marie, by Matilda Betham
  • A comprehensive view of Falstaff -- a view that includes the afflicting circumstances of his humiliation and of his forlorn and pathetic death not less than the roistering frolics and jocund mendacity of his life and character -- is essential to a right appreciation of the meaning of him. Cited from Shadows of the Stage, by William Winter