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  • Fans, in other words, are "affines" of media property and of other fans.
  • The iron in our blood affines, Though fratricidal hands may spill. Cited from Black Beetles in Amber, by Ambrose Bierce
  • It is occupied by the matakeinanga, the local group composed of the residential core of a major lineage, plus affines and other permissive members.
  • Over its history, anthropology has developed a number of related concepts and terms, such as descent, descent groups, lineages, affines, cognates and even fictive kinship.
  • Under each of the following heads I shall describe such cases as have come under my notice; as they may be useful for comparison: and shall put under each of the more dangerous the Plantae affines, describing as accurately as possible the differences. Cited from The Botanist's Companion, Vol. II, by William Salisbury
  • It follows that without loss of generality, we may consider, for defining the intersection multiplicity, the intersection of two affines varieties (sub-varieties of an affine space).
  • Mes sens furent affines dans l'atmosphere de Berenice. Cited from Le culte du moi 3, by Maurice Barre`s
  • This bird, by some means or other, seems to be entirely omitted in the British Zoology; and one reason probably was because it is so strangely classed in Ray, who ranges it among his picis affines. Cited from The Natural History of Selborne, by Gilbert White
  • This is analogous to the notion of manifolds being coverable by open subsets isomorphic to euclidean space, or schemes being coverable by affines.
  • Une repugnance l'en avait detache peu a peu, le malaise de ses gouts affines, la montee lente de tout son etre vers une classe superieure. Cited from Germinal, by Emile Zola
  • Et ce mot de mere semblait inexact, de cette fille exquise a cette femme aux traits communs quoique pleins de bonte, a peine affines par la phtisie. Cited from Les Pardaillans--Tome 03, La Fausta, by Michel Zevaco
  • On a general variety V, we say that a rational function on an open affine subset U is defined as the ratio of two polynomials in the affine coordinate ring of U, and that a rational function on all of V consists of such local data which agree on the intersections of open affines.
  • The agnatic/casato view is the vertical chain of fathers to sons (the patriliny/lignaggio), and the contrary cognatic/ parentado view is based on the horizontal chain which includes affines, cognates, and the kin created through women.
  • For example, a pair of siblings is alep (plural ningkil), a pair of affines is kasamdim (plural amdimal), a couple is agam (plural akmal), a woman with a child is awat (plural aptil), and a man with a child is alim (plural alimal).
Root form of affines is affine for the noun.

Meaning of affines

  • noun (anthropology) kin by marriage