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  • However, the formula above only makes sense for points in the affine line.
  • If the family of affine distance functions can be shown to be a certain kind of family then the local structure is known.
  • A fast affine mapping could be used along those lines because it would be correct.
  • An affine resource can only be used once, while a linear one must be used once.
  • In an affine space, there is no distinguished point that serves as an origin.
  • This is a group under the operation of composition of functions, called the affine group.
  • In this case there are three different buildings, two spherical and one affine.
  • Fans, in other words, are "affines" of media property and of other fans.
  • However, this approach does not explain the geometry behind affine connections nor how they acquired their name.
  • If g is affine, f does not have to be restricted in sign.
  • One can check that any affine involution in fact has this form.
  • These last two points are quite hard to make precise, so affine connections are more often defined infinitesimally.
  • If two points are oblique reflections of each other, they will still stay so under affine transformations.
  • Every smooth surface S has a unique affine plane tangent to it at each point.
  • In particular, a vector space is an affine space over itself, by the map.
  • Affine spheres have been the subject of much investigation, with many hundreds of research articles devoted to their study.
  • More generally, a half-space is either of the two parts into which a hyperplane divides an affine space.
  • There is a sample space of lines, one on which the affine group of the plane acts.
  • Throughout the years this changed and the company runs that business for quite a few namable bands and music-affine brands.
  • For the mentioned \alpha -families the affine connection is called the \alpha -connection and can also be expressed in more ways.
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Meaning of affine

  • noun (anthropology) kin by marriage
  • adjective (mathematics) of or pertaining to the geometry of affine transformations