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  • This may have more to do with his political affiliation than anything else.
  • There is no party affiliation or personal opinion about the work you do.
  • In a university one could also use hall of affiliation as an example.
  • No more than three members of the board may be of the same political affiliation.
  • It is the only commercial television station in the market that has never changed its affiliation.
  • They club through a number of affiliations and names during their existence.
  • He believed that there should be more religious freedom, and less religious affiliation in schools.
  • Minor league teams often change their affiliation with major league clubs for a variety of reasons.
  • Many citizens, despite having stated religious affiliations, do not practice their religion regularly.
  • In earlier years, the political groups were loose affiliations rather than modern political parties.
  • Like any main-stream party we do not have on record the religious affiliations of any of our members.
  • Persons without any religious affiliation account for a very small percentage of the population.
  • According to the affiliations, these centers can be generally divided into two groups.
  • However, his wide support not only came from his family affiliations and connections.
  • Over the following two years an affiliation with the University of London was developed.
  • This affiliation would prove to have a strong influence on him for the rest of his life.
  • He had a particular affiliation with the Indian community, having been born in India.
  • He divided his time between his mathematical work and his political affiliations.
  • She observed they often had no religious affiliation and did not even own a Bible.
  • It remains a Roman Catholic foundation but takes students of all religious affiliations.
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Meaning of affiliation

  • noun A social or business relationship
    a valuable financial affiliation, he was sorry he had to sever his ties with other members of the team, many close associations with England
  • noun The act of becoming formally connected or joined
    welcomed the affiliation of the research center with the university