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  • They generally welcome visitors affectionately once their family has accepted them.
  • She brought him up affectionately, instructing him in the arts of war and peace.
  • To his friends, and all who knew him, he was affectionately known as "Jack."
  • He was affectionately regarded by the British public over his extraordinarily long career.
  • He still is affectionately remembered as having been a great benefactor of his country.
  • During his term as President, he was affectionately known as the People's President.
  • He thanks her for saving his life and holds her hand affectionately.
  • During his playing days and even now, he was affectionately known as Zaza.
  • She called him on his cell after looking affectionately at the CD of love songs he burned for her.
  • Mark affectionately refers to her as "the other half of my brain."
  • Young Tod, as his father affectionately called him, never received a formal education beyond high school.
  • He was good at football and was affectionately known by his first name Fani.
  • Her real name is, and she is sometimes affectionately nicknamed by her Japanese fans.
  • Therefore, instead of naming style often seen, she was affectionately known by her students name "model".
  • I hesitated a moment, when a friend at my side affectionately pressed my hand, saying now is your time.
  • From this time forward he lived at court, corresponding affectionately with his wife, but seeing her only twice in some twenty years.
  • No other landscape has he described as affectionately as the warm, wide Rhine area.
  • Chris was skeptical but came round to the idea when she affectionately touched him.
  • He is affectionately called "Junior" by the members of his family.
  • Despite his initial revulsion, she cuddles into his arms and he finds himself affectionately drawn to her.
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