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  • These companies are also involved in other areas of aerospace such as the construction of aircraft.
  • The units are divided among the land/sea forces and the aerospace force.
  • The state-owned is primarily involved in the operations of the aerospace industry.
  • As an example, perhaps an aerospace company needs to test a new wing shape.
  • These universities mainly focus on the science and technology service of national military and aerospace industry.
  • The term working mass is used primarily in the aerospace field.
  • The historic Soviet Union was also the home of a major aerospace industry.
  • A monthly general interest magazine called Aerospace America is sent to all members.
  • His father was an aerospace engineer and his mother was a teacher before raising her children.
  • A new Aerospace Park on the north-eastern part of the campus is planned.
  • The country also has a well-developed manufacturing sector, particularly in aerospace and industrial equipment.
  • The aerospace division now accounts for over half of the company's revenue.
  • This led to a variety of designs from all of the major players in the British aerospace industry.
  • Special quality levels and high-reliability parts are available for military and aerospace applications.
  • It is also a major center of the aerospace industry.
  • Another major business is Marshall Aerospace located on the eastern edge of the city.
  • The South Bay is the traditional home of Southern California's aerospace industry.
  • He continues to be an independent aerospace and business consultant to government and commercial organizations.
  • Aerospace and related service industries continue to be important in the Clear Lake area of the county.
  • Scortia had been writing in his spare time while still working in the aerospace field.
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  • noun The atmosphere and outer space considered as a whole