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  • Aerosol assisted self assembly is a one step process with a high production rate.
  • He lost the sight in his right eye at age seven due to an accident involving an aerosol can.
  • Other side effects of sulfate aerosols in the environment include poor air quality.
  • All these products represent an average of the total aerosol column within the atmosphere.
  • Aerosols can be studied from space, from aircraft, and from the surface.
  • In particular five sets of trials took place at sea using aerosol clouds and animals.
  • The use of aerosol string products has been banned in several places for various reasons.
  • It would have taken at least ten years for those aerosols to dissipate.
  • Recent study revealed that sea salt aerosols contain a substantial amount of organic matter.
  • Forest fires resulting from non-urban targets could increase aerosol production further.
  • Ever uses both aerosol and brush-based techniques in his work.
  • Since it contains three double bonds, it can produce first-, second- and third-generation products and aerosols, respectively.
  • Aerosols are also thought to affect weather and climate on a regional scale.
  • Many physical processes over ocean surface can generate sea salt aerosols.
  • The town is still largely dependent on industry, notably its aerosol factory.
  • It was also during this period that he coined the word aerosol.
  • After the war, this invention gave birth to a new international billion-dollar aerosol industry.
  • C' and become well known for his aerosol art murals and his work in city and regional communities across Australia.
  • The presence of aerosols in earth's atmosphere can influence Earth's climate, as well as human health.
  • When aerosol paint is used, care must be taken to cover or mask areas where paint is not wanted.
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Meaning of aerosol

  • noun A cloud of solid or liquid particles in a gas
  • noun A dispenser that holds a substance under pressure and that can release it as a fine spray (usually by means of a propellant gas)