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  • Throughout the entire time they were almost constantly under aerial attack.
  • The tower remains in place to this day, although all the aerials on it have been removed.
  • Aerial combat has developed over a relatively short time compared with naval or land warfare.
  • Individuals in a group may make aerial jumps one after the other.
  • Players can view characters' movement from different angles, including an aerial view.
  • One of her aircraft made the first ship-launched aerial torpedo attack on a ship in August.
  • The organisation did however point out the power stations were vulnerable to aerial attack.
  • Some aerial engagements took place, and both sides lost several aircraft.
  • The show is the biggest free air show in Ohio and includes food and aerial acts.
  • The film crew on the farm was hidden to make sure the aerial shot did not reveal them.
  • Even with very low aerials, however, communication has been successfully maintained at a distance of over a hundred miles. Cited from Masters of Space, by Walter Kellogg Towers
  • An aerial reconnaissance flight found that the area was less defended than originally thought.
  • First, aerial mines would have to be developed further and manufactured in large numbers.
  • Combat losses include aircraft shot down during aerial combat, written off due to combat damage or destroyed on the ground.
  • Within a decade the Aerial Attack Study became the text for air forces around the world.
  • The material for the castle was carried up by an aerial-tramway designed by him.
  • On some occasions it can be a good alternative to other forms of aerial photography.
  • Some have disputed the location of the first track, but historical aerials make the location clear.
  • The ship supported operations over Canton in September, but her aircraft saw no aerial combat.
  • Specialist models have also been produced for aerial fire-fighting and zero-G training.
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Meaning of aerial

  • adjective Existing or living or growing or operating in the air
    aerial roots of a philodendron, aerial particles, small aerial creatures such as butterflies, aerial warfare, aerial photography, aerial cable cars