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  • A massacre has begun with Orest's followers killing those who supported Aegisth and the Queen.
  • Chrysothemis comes out of the Palace stating that Orest is inside and that he has killed Klytaemnestra and Aegisth.
  • Aegisth arrives, he is ecstatic to have heard that Orest is dead and wishes to speak with the messengers.
  • Elektra comes back for her daily ritual in memory of her father, who upon his return from Troy was killed while bathing by Klytaemnestra and Aegisth and dragged out into the courtyard.
  • After his return, with the help of her paramour Aegisth, she murders her husband and now is afraid that her crime will be avenged by her other children, Elektra, Chrysothemis and their banished brother Orest.
  • Chrysothemis leaves the Palace but, unlike Elektra, she is meek and accommodating, and has remained on good terms with Klytaemnestra and Aegisth; she enjoys the privileges that come with being a Princess.
  • He appeared annually at Met for the next six years, singing such roles as Aegisth in Elektra, Loge in Das Rheingold, Pinkerton, Tristan, Walther von Stolzing, and the title role in Lohengrin.

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