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  • All of these issues would be addressed under the aegis of a fiscal reform commission.
  • Later they moved to Texas where the center was operated under the aegis of University of Houston.
  • The line now fell under the aegis of the Southern Region of British Railways.
  • Some vessels like Aegis cruisers are as much a threat to aircraft as any land-based air defence system.
  • Despite severe damage to her stern, her forward weapon systems and Aegis combat system were back online within fifteen minutes.
  • Under their aegis an annual programme of concerts of international calibre was established.
  • Aegis is a public interest group trying to fight on behalf of the aliens.
  • A number of institutions came under the aegis of the Cultural Properties Protection Division.
  • Three commissioners share administrative aegis with several other partisan officials independently-elected to four-year terms of office.
  • Aegis is the oldest high school newspaper in California.
  • The computer-based command-and-decision element is the core of the Aegis Combat System.
  • For the first time also, the band completely produced itself (under Powles' aegis).
  • On the economic front, the tourist activities take special development under the aegis of autoctones communities in the region.
  • Aegis became a hero to the kids in Brooklyn who looked up to him.
  • Each club has a hostel representative working under the aegis of the hostel cultural secretary.
  • The house came under the aegis of the Ministry of Works and subsequently of English Heritage.
  • Aegis is a software change management system first released in 1991.
  • There are other departments falling under the aegis of the office such as economic development or empowerment.
  • A grant contest under the aegis of the Peace Fund was held.
  • The company currently functions under the aegis of a government monopoly.
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