Aegis Weapon System

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  • As a result, the United States Navy no longer fields any NTU capable ships and most newly constructed ships have the Aegis weapon system.
  • During the test, a simulated ballistic missile target was acquired, tracked, and engaged by the Aegis Weapon System.
  • The ship's AN/SPY-1 radar finds the ballistic missile target and the Aegis weapon system calculates a solution on the target.
  • The fire-control system for the Atago is Aegis Weapon System Baseline 7 phase 1, which will combine American- and Japanese-manufactured systems to make up the complete Aegis system.
  • Ballistic missile testing afforded Port Royal and other participants an opportunity to flex the capabilities of the current Aegis weapon system against a live ballistic missile target and gave a representation of how the modified system tracks and destroys TBMs.
  • The USS Decatur with its Aegis Weapon System detected and tracked the first target with its onboard AN/SPY-1 radar.
  • Another area of responsibility for FCs is the Aegis weapon system, which includes one of the most powerful air-search radars, deployed at sea, in the world, the SPY-1, as well the MK99 Fire Control System, used for terminal guidance of Standard Missiles, and the Aegis Computer Suite.
  • Future development of the Aegis BMD system includes Launch on Remote capability, upgraded SM-3 avionics and hardware, and an upgraded Aegis Weapon System.