Aegis Trust

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  • Info The Aegis Trust, founded in 2000, is the British NGO which campaigns to prevent genocide worldwide.
  • The centre is also home to the Aegis Trust, an all-party group working for genocide prevention.
  • The Aegis Trust then began to collect data from across the world to create the three graphical exhibits.
  • He is also Special Representative for the Aegis Trust for the prevention of crimes against humanity.
  • It is now the hub of the Aegis Trust's ongoing work in Rwanda.
  • Twigg is the campaigns director of the Aegis Trust, in their educational and campaigning work against genocide.
  • Having successfully completed this project, the Aegis Trust now manages the Kigali Memorial Centre and has been asked to develop it into an internationally significant site with a school of education.
  • General Dallaire received the Aegis Trust Award (the first) for his acts of bravery, yet the spectre of his mission's failure haunted him greatly.
  • The Aegis Trust, the UK-based genocide prevention organization, was invited to establish the Kigali Memorial Centre in partnership with the Kigali City Council.
  • Dr. James Smith, Founder and Chief Executive of Aegis Trust, realised the need for creating a grassroots student movement to educate and mobilise young people on the important issues surrounding genocide and mass atrocities.
  • Aegis Students, a subsidiary of Aegis Trust, is an international student-based genocide prevention movement, committed to educating, campaigning and fundraising to end genocide and mass atrocities.
  • Dallaire was also awarded the inaugural Aegis Trust Award in 2002, and on October 10 of the same year, he was inducted as an Officer in the Order of Canada.
  • Created in 2002 by the Aegis Trust, the Aegis Trust Award is made "for altruism, resourcefulness and bravery in preserving the value of human life".