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  • The Companions of the Hall eventually arrive in search of Aegis-Fang.
  • She is branded with Aegis-Fang, which Sheila received through Luskan's blackmarket.
  • Wulfgar's mighty warhammer Aegis Fang is stolen and sold to a notorious pirate.
  • Aegis-fang (derived from the mythical shield Aegis) is the weapon of Wulfgar.
  • With their help (and to a smaller degree Morik's, who had been sleeping with the female wizard of Sheila Kree's crew) he recovered his hammer, Aegis-fang, after facing an entire clan of ogres.
  • Bruenor crafted the legendary warhammer Aegis-fang as a gift for Wulfgar.
  • The seer tells Ellifain that these are the symbols on the twin heads of Aegis-Fang, a warhammer forged by dwarven king Bruenor Battlehammer and carried by Wulfgar, both of which are part of an adventuring band called the Companions of the Hall, which also includes Drizzt.