Aegis destroyer

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  • It was the first such test from a US Aegis Destroyer.
  • His duty was to guard information on Aegis Destroyers.
  • The Aegis destroyer design would be based on the gas turbine powered Spruance class.
  • Japan deployed their Aegis destroyers to the Sea of Japan, with an order to prepare to shoot down any debris that could fall on Japanese territory.
  • Due to the incident with the foreign boat, they suspect that the spy X, whose target is believed to be classified intel on Aegis Destroyers, might be on board.
  • Conan then asks about the data from earlier, about which Agasa reveals that it's indeed a data of Aegis Destroyers, and was copied from a cloud service.
  • Roughead was the commissioning Commanding Officer of the Aegis destroyer, and, upon assuming command of the cruiser, he became the first naval officer to command both classes of Aegis ships.
  • Japan is in consultations with the United States to possibly deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system and a ground-based version of the Standard Missile-3 interceptors mounted on Aegis destroyers.
  • South Korea, Japan, and the United States deployed their Aegis destroyers and cruisers in the Sea of Japan, destroyers which are equipped with BMD SM-3 missiles.
  • On 14 August 2011 a confirmed Scud-B launch was detected by a US Aegis destroyer, with the missile fired from Sirte and heading toward rebel positions in Ajdabiya.
  • On the same morning, Conan Edogawa, Ran and Kogoro Mouri, Sonoko Suzuki and the Detective Boys board an Aegis Destroyer warship, Hotaka, to experience public military exercises after they've won the tickets.
  • The USS Cole bombing, a suicide waterborne mission on a US Aegis destroyer at a Yemen in October 2000, has resulted in an increased awareness of terrorist risks whilst warships are in harbor or near potentially hostile coastlines.
  • With the cancellation of the CGN 42, the DDG 47 Aegis destroyer was redesignated as CG 47, a guided missile cruiser.