Aegis BMD

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  • A missile defense site in Poland received much media attention when it was cancelled in favor of the Aegis BMD.
  • Upon the completion of the ALI program, Aegis BMD was transitioned to the production phase.
  • The ship, equipped with the second-generation Aegis BMD weapon system, used Launch on Remote doctrine to engage the target.
  • In addition the choice to use Aegis BMD was in large part due to its successful track record in which it has successfully shot down 13 of 15 attempts at ballistic missiles.
  • As of January, 2014, the U.S. and Japan are the only countries to have deployed the Aegis BMD.
  • Japan's cabinet examined approval of a JMSDF AEGIS BMD engagement in the event of a failure of the Taepondong launch.
  • In 2020, both will get the latest versions of the Aegis BMD software and the latest version of the SM-3.
  • Aegis BMD (also known as Sea-Based Midcourse) is designed to intercept ballistic missiles post-boost phase and prior to reentry.
  • Initial Aegis BMD success may have contributed to President George W. Bush's decision to deploy an emergency ballistic missile capability by late 2004.
  • FTM-22 is the 28th successful intercept in 34 flight test attempts for the Aegis BMD program since flight testing began in 2002.
  • Aegis BMD-equipped vessels can transmit their target detection information to the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system and, if needed, engage potential threats using either the SM-2 or SM-3 missile.
  • In addition, a modified Aegis BMD/SM-3 system successfully destroyed a malfunctioning U.S. satellite by hitting the satellite in the right spot to negate the hazardous fuel tank at the highest closure rate of any ballistic missile defense technology ever attempted.
  • The Aegis BMD weapon system developed a fire control solution, launched a Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) Block IA missile, and successfully intercepted the target.
  • Future development of the Aegis BMD system includes Launch on Remote capability, upgraded SM-3 avionics and hardware, and an upgraded Aegis Weapon System.
  • The test event was the second consecutive successful intercept test of the SM-3 Block IB missile and the second-generation Aegis BMD 4.0.1 weapon system.
  • The Aegis BMD system, coupled with the RIM-161 Standard missile (SM-3), has also demonstrated a limited capability as an anti-satellite weapon against satellites in the lower portion of low Earth orbit.
  • The variations of the Aegis BMD system currently in service are the 3.6.1 version and the 4.0.1 version.