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  • It was the third world championship held under the aegis of football's world governing body.
  • It has its own post office under the aegis of Bhawapar post office.
  • She began her business career as a research associate at Aegis Capital Group.
  • The Aegis combat system is one of the most advanced and most capable air defense systems currently in use.
  • Initially, they offered degrees under the aegis of one or more of the three provincial universities.
  • Under the aegis of this trust, various schools and colleges were founded in this district.
  • This concept of food activism has extended to public events held under the aegis of other organizations.
  • The park, under the aegis of its creative directors, has always had high standards.
  • Generally, this is done under the aegis of a county administrator or county executive.
  • After the end of the TV series the tournaments continued under the aegis of several regional school organizations.
  • The institute is run under the aegis of the provincial government.
  • He contributed a number of articles to the high school's magazine, The Aegis.
  • The Aegis has several features designed to enhance its use for concealed carry.
  • At the time, it was felt that troops might be required there under the aegis of the United Nations.
  • However, the Aegis made him very violent and was slowly erasing his soul.
  • It was the fifth World Championship held under the aegis of football's world governing body.
  • It often appears under the aegis of the Boston Early Music Festival.
  • In the modern era, horse racing in Scotland comes under a British, as opposed to national aegis.
  • Often in regional or smaller theatres the responsibility falls under the aegis of the production manager.
  • He turned himself in, but he was pardoned and given the opportunity to fight under the army's aegis.
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