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  • Info An advocate is a type of professional person in several different legal systems.
  • He has also become known in recent years as an early advocate of animal rights.
  • His mother has spent several years advocating that her son's name be moved.
  • Post was also a leading public advocate of the open shop system.
  • But the opening of the speech is in the advocate's best style. Cited from Cicero, by Rev. W. Lucas Collins
  • He was a well-known advocate of science education and federal funding for pure research.
  • She was a well-known advocate for the right to die.
  • Members of the free software movement advocate that works which serve a practical purpose should also be free.
  • The project continues to further community education projects based around, supported by, and advocating art.
  • He remained until his death an advocate of the political stances he took.
  • Today, several internet based groups advocate their support for greater self determination.
  • He has written several articles on video games, often advocating the concept that games are an art form.
  • He promoted American football and advocated for retired professional football players.
  • A variety of different methods of teaching reading have been advocated in English-speaking countries.
  • Adams continued to advocate more help for the people, especially the poor.
  • Reed has generally supported fair trade policies over similar ones advocating free trade.
  • They are also currently advocated for use in patients at high risk of developing heart disease.
  • It was then that he first became a prominent advocate of imperial federation.
  • A person who also advocated religious liberty may be more narrowly considered as such.
  • However, one does not necessarily have to be an advocate to practice law.
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Meaning of advocate

  • noun A person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea
  • noun A lawyer who pleads cases in court