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  • She continued there as a senior advisor working about two days a month.
  • His role soon grew and he became a musical advisor for the royal family.
  • He continued as a director of the company but served only as an advisor on design.
  • Voice has two faculty advisors who help students with production questions and ideas.
  • As a result of this, only one advisor was now needed, instead of three.
  • Their open door policy allows students to walk in and speak one-on-one with an advisor.
  • His advisors agreed he should wait at least six months, so he declined.
  • He was a bright student, so his academic advisor wanted him as an assistant professor.
  • Even though they were without major government posts, however, they remained powerful advisors.
  • The town clerk is the chief advisor in each local authority council or town board.
  • Sometimes they come on as advisors, or if they are established, as a producer.
  • She became her son's advisor after the deaths of his father and uncle.
  • This made him the model of a political leader and advisor.
  • He continued to live in the White House and saw the president more often than any other advisor.
  • Several advisors may give advice to the player on how to best manage a city.
  • The following is a list of both current and former employees and advisors.
  • These ideas were in line with some of Charles's other advisors.
  • He has remained, however, as an advisor for international affairs.
  • The full-time student-staff consists of nine members, who work under the guidance of one faculty advisor.
  • Each society has a master along with several associate society masters who serve as academic advisors to students.
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