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  • Info An adviser or advisor is normally a person with more and deeper knowledge in a specific area and usually also includes persons with cross functional and multidisciplinary expertise. more...
  • He became a deputy adviser two years later, and soon joined the board.
  • His advisers suggested that she should try that place, and she did.
  • He continued as a director of the company, but served only as an adviser on design.
  • All full-time faculty serve as academic advisers after their first year of employment.
  • He confirmed Peter in his position as letter writer but also made him his chief legal adviser.
  • Competition participants are generally teams of five students with one to two team advisers.
  • He was in fact the general adviser to the government on all Australian matters.
  • The following year he became the prime minister's adviser on matters of intelligence.
  • Within each residence hall, each area is led by at least one student resident adviser.
  • It is also the location of several real estate, doctor, and financial adviser offices.
  • Each club has a student leader along with a faculty adviser.
  • As well as being an adviser, she used her column to campaign for numerous causes.
  • Its current board of directors and board of advisers include religious, academic and business leaders.
  • This made him one of the most powerful royal advisers.
  • He asks my opinion on what the style advisers should wear on the shop floor.
  • In later years, she became one of Edward's inner group of advisers.
  • They have to rely on what advisers tell them and what the executive team tells them.
  • The president does have, however, his own private office (cabinet) of close advisers.
  • He also brought in British military advisers to assist his army.
  • He is very well known as an international adviser.
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Meaning of adviser

  • noun An expert who gives advice
    an adviser helped students select their courses, the United States sent military advisors to Guatemala