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  • Her father gave her advice, saying that she was too young to be married.
  • He has no care for the past/future and is a poor source of advice.
  • If women choose to leave before this, they do so against medical advice.
  • Why did you not long ago follow my well-meant advice? Cited from Beethoven: The Man And The Artist/Kerst & Krehbiel
  • She also became a role model for young American artists who sought her advice.
  • When we reached the coast we received two advices containing very ill news. Cited from The White Moll, by Frank L. Packard
  • In each case, personal access may only be used to tender advice on public affairs.
  • Its principal role is to provide direction and advice on military policy and strategy.
  • Instead, at the advice of his mother, he applied for college.
  • He takes her advice and they both serve as aspects of Death.
  • He was responsible for the giving of useful advice and information that helped to end that problem.
  • Business leaders came to seek his help, and he often responded with free advice.
  • It has also published the principles on which its conservation advice is based.
  • It will also provide help and advice where needed and appropriate.
  • Medical advice should be sought immediately for cases of erection beyond four hours.
  • He dispensed with her advice only in the last months of her life.
  • He provides some real life examples and advices those help to make future plan or career.
  • In return, she gives them advice about how best to make the climb into the sky.
  • So now I am simply taking my own advice.
  • In most parliamentary systems, this is often done on the advice of the head of government.
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Meaning of advice

  • noun A proposal for an appropriate course of action